CLASSIFY FIRST plan earlier!

80% of your Enterprise Data
are unstructured. Be clever
and take a technology for the
classification work and use
the results for your plans!

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SENSITIVE Information has Priority

Identify your sensitive Data
within 7 Days! Take one TB
(Terabyte) of Data and see
how many and what kind of
sensitive Data you have!
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NogaLogic provides all
important insights for 
your Data Analytics and
Data Strategy. Data
Warehouse Reporting
for Business Intelligence.


Easy to use Enterprise Search
for Compliance & eDiscovery.
Precise results of all relevant
Business Information! Create 
immediately business value
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NogaLogic for Information Security based on ISO 27001:2013 + ISO 27002 Standard



NogaLogic can simplify building your Information Security Management System

What does ISO 27001 requires from my organization?

ISO 27002 Section 8. gives specific controls for organizational Asset Management and Classification of Information Assets.

  • 8.2 Information Classification: Information should be classified and labelled by its owners according to the security protection needed, and handled appropriately

ISO 27002 Section Section 9. gives specific controls for controlling access to Information

  • 9.1 Business requirements of access control: The organization’s requirements to control access to information assets should be clearly documented in an access control policy and procedures.

How can NogaLogic help your ISO 2700x certification?

NogaLogic allows conceptually to analyze your data according to ISO 2700x controls, to classify your data and to show who has access to which information. Our ISO 270001 "Data Classification Report" and our "Access to Information Report" can be used for your ISO certification or an upcoming ISO 27001 Audit. Beside this all of this analytical results are able to complete your Information Security Management System (ISMS) respectively your Security Guideline.

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